Factory correct information is a prerequisite to repair and maintenance services of the on-road vehicles nowadays. These vehicles, both in physicality and functionality, happen to be more technical and complex than ever! Autotech Data therefore comes with product features that illustrate every perceivable auto-mobile specification, with technical illustrations
made available on record.

Product Features

Service Information

Comprises service schedules, solution procedure and time duration; interlinked data is easy to navigate

Adjustment & Maintenance

Fine tuning the various parts to increase a vehicle’s on-road life/longevity is easier with access to Standard MOT Readings as benchmark

Repair times

Task listing with corresponding time; overlapping tasks taken into consideration in calculating overall labour time

Technical diagrams

drawings enhanced with annotations to simplify dismantling and reassembling

Wiring diagrams

thousands of complicated wiring schema are clearly illustrated as comprehensible diagrams

Fuse/relay/engine location

vehicle physicality is shown clearly for EOBD connector location, ground point location, engine locations and control unit locations


Access to precise information pertaining to fluid capacity, viscosity and concerning specifications classified to only manufacturers

Guided fault diagnosis

Step by step scientific approach to component testing and subsequent diagnosis


This comprises registration look-up to look back at the initial issues a specific vehicle was brought in with, the date of registration, the OE code issued and other such specifics, sourced directly from DVLA

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