Start leveraging the most out of Autotechdata’s connections with DVLA by subscribing to our MOT diary. It is an advanced cloud-based management interface that allows you to set prior MOT Reminder Service well ahead of a pending MOT.

After enrolment, your garage administration can access the full MOT history of a vehicle. In addition, you may prioritise upcoming service recommendations, coordinate the overall workflow, run personalised SMS campaigns to target potential customers, and so on. All these possibilities help your business grow as a brand as the customers gain confidence in your consultation services.

Feeling doubtful regarding the effectiveness of an MOT diary?

Then consider trying out our 30-day free trial for seamless access to DVSA’s database. Besides pointing out MOT reminder due, this software enlists all outstanding repair, diagnostic and maintenance procedures that facilitate efficient MOT management. Most importantly, it allows your garage to send customised prompts to repeat customers to execute advance bookings.

Why choose Autotechdata for MOT Management?

We facilitate 24/7 MOT booking by connecting customers with their preferred workshops. For availing the complete list of resources all you need to do is register with a few basic details. After that, customers can directly stay in touch with a workshop and book services in exchange for no additional costs.

Independently operating MOT centres that connect with Autotechdata are able to coordinate all their bookings on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, as the test largely depends on visual inspections, the MOT diary comes with options to upload pictures and videos of the concerned vehicle. This allows the mechanics to identify prominent defects even when the vehicle owner is home.

Getting timely repairs to secure VT20 certification in one attempt should no longer be a problem. This is because the garage officials will be able to easily analyse the condition of the mechanical components of each vehicle registered under their portal. It is a cost-effective way of reaching out to all potential clients as no matter how many times you look for a particular car within a 24-hour window, our system counts it as a single lookup.

Top 3 features of our MOT Diary

When we say our MOT diary is meant for customised solutions and packed with loads of features, we mean it!

Here are some top features you will like to explore:

  • Each of your customers gets access to a smart job card that displays necessary repairs and replacements.
  • Autotechdata’s MOT diary has built-in intelligence to dish out MOT reminder service as and when needed.
  • The app’s programming allows simplified ramp configuration specific to particular vehicular needs.

Take a look at our MOT Diary Subscription Plans

For fresh registrants (garages and MOT centres), our MOT management service is free for the first 30 days. Thus, we recommend you try the features for free by clicking on 'Buy Now' button on our website's homepage.

If you like the featured utilities like pending MOT invoices, unread enquiries, number of planned MOTs executed, etc., start buying any of the following plans:

  • Standard Plan
  • This package will be ideal for you when you are just starting off as a licensed MOT conducting hub. It allows professional testers to check the MOT status of up to 150 vehicles against a payment of £30. Upon the expiration of due lookups, you may either upgrade to any of the following schemes or continue with our standard MOT diary.

  • Premium Plan
  • Garages opting for this plan can view up to 200 lookups with a single payment of £40. No limit is placed regarding the number of devices that may log in to one account accessing the premium plan. Also, this package is convenient in the long run as garages get unlimited access to a single registration lookup for 24 hours.

  • Professional Plan
  • Most car workshops find it useful especially when they have to handle bulk MOT requests. The professional interface comes with handy features and allows a total of 300 lookups just for £55. These features when put into practice, ensure plenty of recurring customers as they gain confidence witnessing your garage’s prompt responsiveness.

Learn how to set reminders in Autotechdata’s MOT Diary

As a garage owner, it is your responsibility to send push notifications to customers well ahead of their pending MOTs. Previously it used to be an elaborate process involving phone calls and follow-ups but now everything has been digitised.

Here is how you may turn on MOT due Reminder for a specific vehicle owner:

  • Enter the registration number of the vehicle to request a lookup.
  • After the profile appears on your device screen, navigate to the MOT history section.
  • Look for the 'due date', usually, this is one year after the previous MOT session.
  • Set a semi-annual reminder or choose to pass suggestions just a couple of months or weeks before their due MOTs.

Request a free demonstration

We understand that all of the features in a fully-automated MOT diary can be overwhelming for your garage managing panel to start with. For this reason, we are always on our toes to help. You can always call us on 07947 906789 or email your query to

We promise that no official attending this call will try to upsell our products or services. It will merely be an informative conversation focusing to help you out.

When you ask us for a free demo, we help you grab the following things:

  • Different ways of automating communication with customers to maintain service flow
  • Unique methods of enhancing customer satisfaction with the help of MOT diary
  • Clear-cut strategies to boost sales by realising service promotion without using technical jargon
  • Simplified user interface encouraging more traffic on your website

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